The Expat Dilemma

The Expat Dilemma


You've moved your family and your career overseas.

You've left loved ones and friends behind, traded in the comfort of the known for the unknown and taken on the task of adjusting to an entirely new culture....WHY?


Probably one of the most motivating factors - if not the most - was to take advantage of the increased financial security your overseas move would provide. also have more responsibility, more travel and less time! Balancing these changes to achieve your original goal becomes a challenge all by itself.


The biggest problem American Expats have in designing and implementing a solid financial plan is not a lack of know-how or lack of money, but a lack of time!


How do you solve this dilemma? 


Step 1: Decide to establish an ongoing financial plan.
A well-organized program can often provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings and accumulations.
Step 2: Find the time.
That's actually the toughest part! But nearly all of the time problems can be eliminated by working within a clear, comprehensive and concise plan. That becomes our job. We do all the footwork for you.


After a preliminary gathering of information, we go to work on your behalf to create and fine tune a total financial plan that gives you step-by-step implementation. You control the "what" and "how" and "when".
We work with you, one-on-one, to secure the BEST resources available to Americans living and working in Asia, Europe or elsewhere around the world.


Step 3. Make your choices. Once your options and goals are clear, you choose the recommendations that best fit you, your family, your needs and your timeframe.


A Financial Plan will give you the advantages of

  • Minimizing Taxes
  • Building Net Worth thru financial planning
  • Preserving your estate for your heirs
  • Creating Financial Security for your family
  • Planning for a comfortable retirement
  • Accessing US-based health insurance
  • Providing Long Term Care coverage for you or your family members


For over 23 years in Asia, and more than 46 years in the U.S., we have been helping executives create and maintain workable, time-saving, and precision level financial plans.


Making sure you get all the advantages available to Americans abroad is our goal.