Life Insurance - The Core of Your Financial Foundation

Insurance is one of THE great inventions when it comes to protecting your family's welfare, funding your immediate and long term medical care and, when used properly structured, augmenting retirement with tax-free fund accumulation.


Today's life insurance provides more affordable solutions as a lower cost/higher advantage financial tool than any other financial product on the market.


Consider this. Only Life Insurance can provide the following:

  • Guaranteed return on your "investment"
  • Immediate monies in tax-free death benefits for your family 
  • No risk participation in S&P market rises
  • Protection from stock market dips and negative fluctuations
  • Tax-free distribution of accumulated values
  • Ongoing death benefit even during distribution of value


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The Expat Experience

Expat Experience

Expat Opportunities


With the increased opportunities to build your savings, plan for your retirement and enhance your financial future also comes the need to make sure your financial plan fits your current circumstances.

Just as you consistently update your business plan to accomplish set goals, you need a method - a business plan for your personal finances - that will accomplish those personal financial goals, too. That's what financial planning is all about!

Make the most of the benefits your overseas' residency provides while protecting yourself from unknown or new financial obstacles. Be aware of the changes, both positive and negative, that your expat status creates.


Overview of personal insurance policies

The Expat Dilemma

Expat Challenges


When you are in your home country, it's not so difficult to find the right resources for your insurance and retirement planning needs. But, once overseas, Expats often find their new status is a hurdle. The rules change when you live in locations outside the U.S.


One of the biggest challenges is finding someone who has enough Expat experience to know the ins and outs of staying protected for affordable costs without costly stipulations related to your Expat status.


When you're having your main expenses covered by your company, it's tempting to let things go until "tomorrow" - only to find that tomorrow your age or health no longer allows you to have access to products and plans that you took for granted.


Expat Solutions


With over 25 years of specific Expat experience and over 45 years in the financial planning industry, Expat Planner Ltd is uniquely situated to carefully help guide you through the maze so your decisions are sound and fit your needs - both now and long term.


We provide solid, competitve financial products from basic term insurance to long term care


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