If long-term care is needed, MoneyGuard ® Reserve helps to pay those expenses. If long-term care is not needed, MoneyGuard® Reserve provides an income tax-free death benefit under IRC Section 101(a)(1).


Paid with a single premium, MoneyGuard ® Reserve provides the most comprehensive coverage for an individual. MoneyGuard includes lifetime money-back guarantee, death benefit and extended value long-term care benefit guarantees.


  • Long-term care benefits income tax-free under IRC Section 104 (a)(3).
  • Benefits for a variety of long-term care services including nursing, home care, home health care, assisted living and adult day care.
  • Tax-deferred growth account value.
  • Optional Extension of Benefits Rider at an additional cost to continue long-term care benefit payments after the entire specified amount; has been exhausted.
  • Return of Premium Rider included at issue provides a lifetime money-back guarantee (Single Pay Only).


MoneyGuard® Reserve is a universal life insurance policy with a rider that accelerates the specified amount of death benefit to pay for covered long-term care expenses. An Extension of Benefits Rider (EOBR) is available to continue long-term care care benefits after the entire specified amount of death has been paid. The Return of Premium Rider (ROPR) is included at issue (single premium only). An additional cost for these riders will be deducted from the policy account value. Guarantees are backed by the financial strength of the issuer.

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