LTC Asset Transfer


Here is a product that provides an opportunity to transfer some of your assets from taxable CDs or CD equivalent and earn a rate of return that may be superior.

In return, the company will insure adequate Long Term Care protection with a guarantee that you will get all your money back.

In the event of your death your beneficiaries will receive a tax-free sum that is much greater than what they would have received if you did not reallocate the asset.

By the time people realize that they need coverage - as they reach fifties and older - the premiums for long term care are expensive and many cannot qualify medically. So, like many things in life, the time to buy the coverage is while one is young and healthy. As a rule, people do not like paying a premium for a coverage that they think they may not need until later, or may not need at all.


Yet, even young people need to consider what might happen if they were to experience an accident or debilitating illness or disease. We all are familiar with the unfortunate plight of movie personalities Christopher Reeve and Michael J. Fox. Those situations don't always happen to "someone else".

But the fact remains, if you or a family member DO need long term care, and DO NOT have coverage, the results can be financial ruin.


As if it were designed specifically for our Expat clients, we now have access to a plan that eliminates long term care premiums and includes some very unique benefits.

The most impressive benefit? If you change your mind and decide to cancel the policy, you get back your full premium!


Here is how the plan works.

You transfer a lump sum - a simple reallocation of assets - ( ex: $25,000, $ 50,000 or $ 100,000 ) from your CD or CD equivalent to the insurance company. In return the insurance company will provide the following benefits:


Benefit 1: 100% Liquidity. You can cash in your account  at any time with a money back guarantee

Benefit 2:  Income tax-free Death Benefit in an amount always greater than the  premium amount to beneficiary.

Benefit 3: Immediate Long Term Care for LIFE

Benefit 4: Tax Deferred interest credit of minimum 4% ( currently 4.6 %) to the account value of the policy

**Here is an opportunity for an asset transfer that will provide the needed benefit with a guarantee that the entire investment will be returned at any time if the policy is cancelled and the benefit provided will far exceed the investment if it is kept for a period of time.


Actual Case:

The following is an actual case for one of our Expat clients - 40 years old. We also implemented a plan for his wife. He wanted to make sure that the benefit was adequate to handle the costs no matter where he opted to receive the care. The following benefits are based on a single deposit of $ 75,000.

The following are guaranteed benefits. Actual benefits may be more than illustrated.


Guaranteed Monthly Long Term Care Benefits for 6 Years
with 5% annual increase in benefit amount
Benefits apply to Home Nursing Care, Nursing Home Care,
Residential Facility, and/or Adult Day Care


Policy Years Maximum Monthly Benefit
Immediate  $  9,774


$ 11,880

$ 15,162

15 $ 19,352


$ 24,698

Guaranteed Surrender Value
Amount returned if policy cancelled - this is the Money Back Guarantee

Policy Year With 4% min. interest credit
Year1 $   75,000
Year 5 $   75,000
Year 10

$   78,786

Year 15 $   90,350
Year 20 $   94,373

Guaranteed Death Benefit
Tax-free Amount to beneficiary/ies upon second death


$  234,577
Year  5

$  249,204

Year 10 $  234,577
Year 15 $  234,577
Year  20 $  234,577