Life Insurance

Although most people think in terms of life insurance as protection for your family in the event you are not there to provide for them, life insurance is a multi-level tool which provides far more than a "death benefit" for your beneficiaries. In most cases YOU can discover personal benefits and tax advantages which go far beyond death benefits and cash value accumulation.


You can put life insurance to work for you to create tax-free income while still maintaining the benefits to your family and loved ones.


Although executive benefits are provided in the majority of Expat employment packages, it is wise to develop your own long term plan. By having your employer take many financial burdens from your shoulders, you have at your disposal funds which can be used wisely, or not.


Personal asset protection requires a thoughtful and well-rounded plan. With the unexpected economic collapses and reorganization of major corporations, many executives who had left their retirement fate in the hands of their employers suffered unrecoverable losses.


Learning how and where your assets will be safest with the most earning potential is only prudent.


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