Services for Non American Expats


Although our site and our efforts are primarily directed at American citizens overseas, our non-American friends can benefit in many of the same areas of planning.

If you

  • Own Property in the U.S.
  • Plan to Retire in the United State
  • Will be Immigrating or Becoming a Permanent Resident
  • Are Transferring or Making Investments in the U.S. Financial Market
  • Want Premium Life Insurance at Low Cost
  • Premium Global Medical and Health Insurance
  • Are married to an American


Property Ownership & Estate Planning:
Owning property in the U.S.A. subjects your estate to U.S. estate tax. This tax must be paid at your death. We can assist in lessening this impact. Also, individual state laws must be taken into consideration when making decisions about designating heirs.


Retirement Planning:
If you plan to retire in the United States, we can help develop an American retirement program which will provide for a continued comfortable living style.

Immigration & Income Tax Planning:
Tax planning is vital if you are planning to immigrate to the U.S.A. or planning on becoming a permanent resident.


Transferring Investments:
Moving money to the USA and exposing them to U.S. income tax needs careful consideration. We have been able to utilize offshore tax deferred annuities to keep these investments out of the active tax system until such time that they are needed.


Life Insurance:

We probably have more calls for our services in this area than any other. American life insurance companies tend to have the most competitive products in the world and through our relationships with top American companies we can offer life insurance protection at a fraction of the cost of what you may be paying now.Savings of 50% or more is not unusual. Quote Request


Global Health Insurance:
International health and travel insurance are primary concerns for the entire international community. Making sure you have premium coverage and choices in your medical care-including location of care-prevents situations in which you would be required to accept substandard or questionable providers. Instant Quotes


Non-American Spouse:
There are a number of areas in your financial plan which are unlike those of the typical American couple. Taxes, inheritance, beneficiary entitlement and much more are impacted by U.S. government laws dealing with the non-American spouse. Find out how to protect yourselves from expensive planning mistakes.


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