Equity Index Life Insurance

Guaranteed No Risk Life Iinsurance with Equity Potential Based on S&P Index


Equity Indexed Universal Life contains the following very unique features and potentials:


  • Minimum 3% interest rate credit to your account value in the policy.
  • Annual credit based on the upward movement on the S&P Index with a cap (currently 14% March 2012).
  • No current tax liability for annual increases in account value.
  • Zero impact on the account value if the S&P Index drops during the year. The account value stays the same as the previous year so you are protected from account loss.
  • Tax Free Death Benefit to your heirs.
  • Option to stop making premium payments and keep the death benefit in force until age 120.
  • Ability to borrow the cash value at very low interest rate.
  • ·Ability to use the policy as a supplemental retirement plan with tax free retirement income.

These are the features that are available on the latest product in the evolution of permanent insurance that is on the market now. It is called Equity Indexed Life and I believe that it may be the finest product to date.


Since the return is linked to the upside of the S&P index this product is one that can show a positive rate of return even in short term.


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