6 Questions

Now that you're overseas, you have questions to consider:


  • Are you pursuing an appropriately-geared protection plan during your Expat assignment?
  • Do you understand how the laws in your resident country affect income and taxes?
  • Do you know if the benefits of insurance and annuities are impacted by the dual taxation elements American Expats face?
  • Is  managing the financial security of your family while on long term assigment overseas any different than it was at home?
  • Do you understand the process of how to gain access to U.S. backed life insurance and annuities while living overseas?
  • Will your "back home" planner or agent understand the intricacies of your Expat status and how to take advantage of them?

Although you have tremendous opportunities, there are unexpected hurdles in living outside your home country. But that doesn't mean you should "miss out" because navigating those hurdles takes too much time.


That's where we'll step in.


Now is the perfect time to fortify the components of a solid asset protection, life protection and health protection program for yourself and your family. Leverage the benefits of your Expat status!


Living an Expat life is rich with experiences you will enjoy for a lifetime. With a little planning and access to

tax deferred products that can turn into tax free income later, the "extra" you are making now can also last a lifetime.